Food Service

Student Lunch Accounts

Please note that as of school year 2022-23, we have transitioned from Skyward to Meal Magic to manage all student food service accounts. If you deposit money via Skyward, it will not be in their student lunch account. 

Meal Magic recently released the Family Portal, which is a one-stop shop to manage your students lunch account, as well as completing the Free/Reduced Lunch Application. You will need your students' ID number (most start with 3300) in order to gain access to their accounts. If you do not know their ID number, please reach out to Marj Wade.

For instructions on using the Meal Magic Portal, please CLICK HERE.

Please complete the Free/Reduced Application even if you don't believe you'll qualify. The information gathered from applications goes beyond food service. It gives us insight to where our community is economically, demographically, etc. and can help with funding for the district. So please, take a few minutes and complete the application.

Michigan School Meals for the 2023-24 School Year

Free Breakfast & Lunch for ALL Students

The Michigan School Meals program, providing free breakfast and lunch for all public school students, grades Pre-K - 12, was signed into law for the Fiscal Year 2024 Michigan State School Aid Budget. 

  • Free food is only for complete breakfast and lunch meals. It does not include a la carte items such as milk, meals for teachers, staff, or administrators. 

  • A la carte purchases will be charged to families.

Important Information to Know:

All students eat for free - both breakfast & lunch - full meals NOT a la carte items. A la carte items include milk, snacks, etc. Single purchase items.

NEW - As of School Year 2023-24, Fern Persons Elementary (FPE) is a CEP designated school. This means that if you have a student at FPE, you may need to fill out a different form. These students still eat free breakfast and lunch.

ALL families, except for CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) designated schools will need to fill out the School Meals Application. 

  • This is required to determine students who qualify for free/reduced lunch as OCS will receive Federal reimbursement for these student meals.

  • Additionally, collecting the School Meals applications will determine a school’s eligibility for the federal Children Nutrition Programs such as Summer Food Service and after school snack and dinner program.

Which form do I complete?

Do you have a student at both Fern Persons Elementary and OMS/OHS?

Do you only have students at OMS/OHS?

Do you only have students at Fern Persons Elementary?

Food Service Applications/Forms can be completed online in just minutes.

Visit, select Apply for Benefits and follow the instructions on the screen.

All applications are strictly confidential. For questions concerning your child's meal status, please contact the food service office at 749-4281 to reach Marj Wade, or e-mail her at:

2023-24 Household Application for Free & Reduced-Price School Meals

2023-24 Education Benefit Form


K-3 8:15 - 8:40 AM

4-5 8:15 - 8:40 AM

6-12 7:15 - 7:35 AM


K-12: $1.60

$.30 - Reduced Price

$.55 - Milk


K-5: $3.49

6-8: $3.54

9-12: $3.64

Please note that all milk that is purchased a la carte will incur a charge of $.55 regardless of benefit status. Milk that is part of a complete meal will not include an additional charge. Olivet Community Schools does not participate in the Special Milk Program.

Food Offerings & Made to Order

There are many new food choices for your students in the Olivet Cafe'! We hope students like the food offerings including "Made to Order" taco and sub sandwich bars offered with fresh baked bread! Students need good nutrition to learn and grow!

Food Allergies

If your student has a food allergy and requires a dietary accommodation, please have your child's physician complete the Dietary Accommodation Form