School Safety


All visitors are required to report to the school office for a "Visitor" or "Volunteer" badge prior to entering our school hallways and classrooms during daytime hours. Questions may be directed to the Superintendent of Schools.

As a school district, it is our basic responsibility to educate students. At Olivet Community Schools we plan to educate students while making them feel welcome, safe and comfortable in our schools. Our staff have been empowered with district "Values" and "Beliefs", a "Mission" and a "Vision", coupled with "Core Attitudes" and "District Goals and Strategies" to carry out the everyday business of educating students. But we want parents and students to know that their well-being and safety are just as important to us here in Olivet.


School Messenger will be completing our school district set-up soon. As soon as the system is up and running, the system will send you an invitation to join. PLEASE: Make sure that your child's emergency information is up-to-date, as this system will be sending messages through Skyward student services program. Please check with your building secretary regarding your log-in and password.

Emergency "Mock" Drills held at OCS

Safety Drill Requirements:

Drill Requirements: Michigan Public Act 12, Public Acts of 2014 approved February 25, 2014 and effective July 1, 2014.

Any school that operates any grades K-12 must conduct the following drills annually:

  • 5 Fire Drills per school year:

    • 3 drills by December 1st

  • 2 Tornado Drills per school year (with at least 1 taking place in March)

  • 3 Lockdown Drills per school year:

    • A minimum of 3 in which occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the building secured.

    • At least 1 drill by December 1st and after January 1st with reasonable spacing interviews between drills.

  • 1 Drill will be conducted during lunch or recess period.

  • Reference: Public Act 12, Public Acts of 2014 approved February 25, 2014 and effective July 1, 2014.House Bill No. 4713

Completed Drill Documentation to Date

Fern Persons Elementary

Olivet Middle School

Olivet High School