Principal's Page

Brock Peters, Principal at FPE


I have the distinct honor to give tours to new families who have moved to Olivet or who are considering using their “school of choice” option to attend our school. In these tours, I have the opportunity to tell families about so many of the great things that take place in our district, specifically FPE, on a daily basis. It really is an easy assignment because I am so proud of what we have to offer. I can proudly say that my family and I made the decision to come to Olivet 12 years ago because this is where we wanted to raise our family. Looking back, I know that Liz and I made the right decision.

Too often, I think that we take things for granted. It’s easy, especially when things are going well, to forget to really appreciate what we have here in our little community. I wanted to take this chance to share (and maybe remind) you of so many of the points of pride that we have.

#1 – We have outstanding teachers - As part of my role, I get to go into classrooms on a regular basis. Students are engaged in meaningful learning. Teachers know where their students are at academically and socially, and are always looking for ways to get them to take the next step in each of those areas. Liz and I have had all four of our girls go through FPE, and we have intentionally had a new teacher for each one. I can tell you that I have appreciated each and every teacher that my girls have had even more after they have been in their classroom. Our teachers are top-notch!

#2 – We have a great support staff – Our support staff includes our kitchen staff, office staff, paraprofessionals, and custodians. This group of people not only cares about their “job”, but also about every child that they come into contact with. Whether it is before school in the hallway, on the playground, passing out lunch, working with an intervention group, cleaning up a spill, or any number of other things, our support staff is always building relationships and taking care of our students. This group of people are truly who make FPE such a special place!

#3 - We have supportive families - There are so many examples of how our community and families support our schools. The most recent one that comes to mind is the fundraising for a new piece of playground equipment. The cost was much higher than what we typically raise in our spring fundraiser event, so we got the word out about the need. The original plan was to use multiple fundraisers to pay for it, but our community and families raised the entire amount! Not only that, but there is a group of volunteers who assembled the equipment over the summer. Any time we have a need at the school, it seems that someone is always willing to step up and help!

#4 – We have great facilities – As a dad of 4 very active kids, I get to travel to MANY different schools watching my daughters in a variety of activities. Not only do our facilities out shine most, they are also as well kept as any that I have been in. Our maintenance staff does an amazing job of making sure that our kids have the best!

#5 – We emphasize the right things – Academic success is important at FPE. Our “test scores” are always among the highest (usually the highest) in the surrounding area. We work hard to make sure that we are providing your child with an excellent education while they are under our care. Equally important (if not more), we want to teach kids what it means to be a kid with Great Character. We emphasize that how you treat people may be the most important thing you will ever learn. As a staff, we want to partner with you in preparing your child to be ready to succeed after they leave us both academically and socially!

As a result of all of these things we have a great school. Take some time to “count your blessings” and really appreciate what we have here in Olivet. We have much to be proud of!

Go Eagles!

Mr. Peters